ROBLOX Cheats and Hack Update!

Roblox is an surprisingly famous MMORPG identify for kids to be had on each PC and console, and it suffers no stop of scammers trying to fleece its players as a end result. While the sport tries to block and filter out textual content/URLs and comes with additional protection features, potentially doubtful sites also bounce around out of doors of the Roblox surroundings. Here’s one we had sent our way, located at: HERE

The site claims to walk that well-worn path of free coin/item/whatever generation, in return for entering your username and a few other values such as desired coin (“Robux”) amount. There’s also a chat box in the bottom right corner which repeats the same text every time you visit the page, mostly to the tune of “Yes, this definitely worked 100% for me, honest”. Once all info is submitted and the magic “Do things now” button is pressed, it delivers the well-worn trick of popping a fake box claiming things are happening behind the scenes. Secret, hacker-style things working their magic on Roblox servers.

Unfortunately for the person using it, it’s all complete nonsense and leads gamers to the usual assortment of survey links.

We don’t have much to add here besides “Don’t bother”. All you’ll get for your troubles is your personal information added to marketing databases via the survey links. If you have young relatives playing Roblox, please consider informing them about sites such as the below.


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